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Boys and girls don’t grow out of enjoying playing with guns; their toys just get bigger, better, and more expensive! Airsoft guns let big boys and girls play shooting games with real looking guns to develop their skills and accuracy.

Firing these guns can be done just for fun and casually or seriously with proficiency in competition. There are those who just enjoy shooting by themselves at targets. There are also the enthusiasts that rarely shoot their rifle or pistol but enjoy collecting them. Then there are people, who enjoy getting into scrimmages and playing on teams at the local field. You may enjoy doing a little of all the above or you may be focused on a specific area of interest in this hobby. Whoever you are, should help you.

You may be wondering about the history. Well, in the early 1980’s the term airsoft gun originated in Japan. It was used when referring to non-lethal replicas of actual guns, rifles, and pistols.

What Do You Want To Learn About?

No matter what your level of player you are, there is something for you here. You will find the following information and more:

Beginning With The Basics

Airsoft replicas not only look just like real guns, they often match the weight and size, making them very realistic. This makes them useful for military and law enforcement training and their recreational scrimmages. Almost every popular real firearm has an airsof replica. There are smaller ones available, but most players prefer the ones that are the exact same size (1:1 ratio). This preference seems to be true for beginners and experience players.

Img: Airsoft Gun Parts

The pellets used for airsoft guns are round and normally 6 or 8mm. They are made out of plastic and weighing between 0.12 and 0.88 grams. The most common weight used is the 0.2 and 0.25 grams because both have the best rand and accuracy combination

The rifles and pistols are used for a variety of activities. There are some differences among countries which activities are more popular. In countries, like Asia, where there are strict firearms laws regarding ownership and use, the following activities are popular:

  • Recreation shooting
  • Competitive competition
  • Individual skill shooting

In the west, like the United States, the following activities are popular:

Though airsoft guns are non-lethal and officially categorized as toys, safety precautions must be followed to avoid accidental injury. There are also laws and regulations that must be followed.

The more you know about airsoft guns, the more you can enjoy owning and using one so check out the navigation on the top left side of this page to begin learning more.