Airsoft FAQ

What gear do I need to play in airsoft games?

Good Question! The main pieces of gear that you’ll need is the airsoft gun, ammo, and safety mask. All three of these things can be rented at the field. We recommend if your new to airsoft, rent gear first so you can get a feel of the game before spending to much money. Most beginners won’t be able to tell the difference between a high priced gun compared to a low priced gun. If you have the gun, ammo and mask, you are ready to play in games.

I was wondering what is the muzzle velocity?

The speed in which a projectile (like a BB) travels through the muzzle is the muzzle velocity. It is measured by how many feet the projectile can travel per second. The abbreviation that is used is ft./sec. The speed diminishes with distance. The muzzle energy is a little different, it is the kinetic energy that is released from a bullet and it affects the amount of damage that it can cause. The abbreviation that is used is ft./lb.

How old do I have to be to buy an airsoft guns?

In the United States, to buy an airsoft gun, you must be 18 years old or older. This is because of the potential injury and damage it can cause when appropriate safety precautions are not followed. The laws vary from state to state when it comes to the age that a child may own one and how old they need to be before they no longer need to be supervised by an adult. “Officially” an airsoft gun is a toy and is not regulated as heavily as firearms. For the states that categorize them as a firearm, there are more regulations related to airsoft gun purchasing and owning. There are some states that don’t allow anyone under 14 to be an owner. Once the gun is purchase, there will be local laws and regulations that will affect the use of the airsoft gun.

What are the most common airsoft games?

Capture the flag is a common, well-known game that most all players know how to play. Two teams try to be the first to capture the opponent’s flag from their base. King of the Hill is a fun game where one team has possession of a hill, bunker, or vehicle. The other team’s goal is to attack and take possession, then the roles switch and the game continues. Commando Raid is common airsoft game that is challenging because a fort must be defended while the opponent’s fort must be attacked so that the flag can be displayed in the opposing team’s fort. No matter what game you play, respect the honor system, be fair, be a good sport, and play fair. Check out more ideas on our game page.

What can I do to increase the performance of my airsoft gun?

Performance improvement is different than velocity improvement. To improve performance, have your gun chronographed with .20 competition grade airsoft BB's to see what your stock velocity or FPS truly is. Estimations usually are on the high side of the FPS scale. Using the appropriate BB size will improve the performance. A 0.12g BB will not cause the strain on the gun like a 0.20g BB will. Follow manufacturer recommendations for BB size. Upgrading can be done with aftermarket parts. Keeping your gun clean will help your gun to perform better also.

Can I Use WD40 on my airsoft gun?

I’d skip the WD40 and any other mineral solvents because it can damage the rubber seals. It can also cause damage to ABS plastic parts. WD40 should not be used, just like gun oil shouldn’t be used on airsoft guns. Silicone oils are made to lubricate rubber and plastic and should be used for airsoft guns. This will be much more affective in lubricating the moving parts so that they can move smoothly. Excessive use of silicone can cause dirt build up. Be sure to wipe off all excess lubricant. Follow manufacturers instruction for lubricating, especially if it is still under warranty.

What is a hop-up?

The hop-up is the abbreviation for High Operations Power UP. It creates more backspin on a pallet. With a good backspin, it can fight gravity and travel farther, which is one of the things that makes hop-up very appealing. The device can be adjusted to increase vertical accuracy, but it doesn’t affect horizontal accuracy. Due to the lightness of a BB, even with properly adjusted hop-up, wind can affect the direction.

How do I clean my airsoft gun?

It is important to keep your airsoft gun clean so it can perform properly and accurately. Before cleaning, dry shoot it to verify it is empty. Turn off hop up system before cleaning on the gun. Remove the power (battery pack or air). Wipe the gun with a non-abrasive cloth and use care in creases (Qtips work well). Clean the magazine in the same manner as the exterior. Add a single drop of silicone oil to the moving parts. Use a .22 cleaning kit and follow directions. Be sure to have extra swabs.

Where can I find cheap airsoft guns?

Usually for new airsoft guns, you will find the cheapest ones online. You will probably have to pay shipping and handling, so it may decrease the actual savings. Keep your eyes out for sales or special promotions. Local stores often sell older models for a cheaper price when the new models comes in. To get one cheap, you can buy a used gun. You can find them locally, on bulletin boards at the field, on the Internet, and on Craigslist. Other players who are upgrading is another good source for discounts. When buying used, make sure you know enough about airsoft guns or bring someone with you who does.

Can I take my airsoft gun on a plane?

As security tightens even further on airplanes, players wonder if they can take an airsoft gun on a plane. They can not be taken on the plane with carry on luggage, but they can be checked with the checked baggage. There are some requirements to do so. To get the most current and accurate regulations, contact the airlines you will be using. Common requirements and regulations include the gun be declared at check in, the gun is in a hard case, the case is locked, the gun is unloaded, ammo is transported in specific packaging, and black powder or caps are not allowed at all, even in check in baggage. If leaving the country, find out what the regulations are for the destination country and any country that there may be a lay over at.

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