19 Insanely Awesome Airsoft Games That You Can Play Today

19 games that will make you the go-to-player when your friends start getting bored with the same old games.

Here's the Deal: Capture the Flag is a great airsoft game, but you can only play that game so many times before it gets boring.

If you fear new things you might as well stop here, take your flag, and head back out to the field. If you would like to mix things up a little and learn some new games, you can look through these pages, and you will find 19 games that will make you the go-to-player when everyone starts getting bored with the same old games.

These pages will provide you with the basics of each game so you and your friends can build on it to create customized ones. Each one can be altered to fit your group, the field you are on, and your skill level. The games are free from strict rules and regulations so they remain fun.

Now: Are you ready to broaden your game playing horizons? If yes, then keep on reading!

It will not matter if you are playing with a large or small group, and it doesn't matter if you have highly skilled players or players new to the game... you will find the perfect game in these pages. Once players know, you have this info you will find that they will look for you for game ideas. You do not have to memorize the games because it is all written out for you. Each game will include the following: scenario-get into character, description-know the basics, setup-preparation, rules-keeps everyone on the same page, requirements-skills and set up, objectives-purpose, winning-how to dominate, variations-create new games and Origins/History-the back story

OK... enough with the intro... time to start learning some new games!

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Bottom Line?

You have numerous airsoft games to choose from, and it might be tough to choose which one to play but no matter how you get through the list, you will have fun playing each of them. Do not be surprised if these game ideas trigger ideas for other games. If it does, visit our contact page and send your game description. You might see it on this page.

Now that you have so many games to choose from its time to take your game guide out to the field and dominate it... time to have fun! I will leave you with an airsoft gun blessing…

May your shots hit your target,
May your teammates always have your back,
May your cover hide your face,
The enemy shots fall softly upon the ground and,
May God hold your hand steady,
Until we play again.

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