Army of Two

You do not know how this will end, but you do know you are highly trained!

Salem and Rios are private military contractors, and they hired you. Unlike previous missions and assignments that benefited your country, these missions are all about money. It pays top dollar, but there are high risks connected with that. The contractor who has the most missions completed will receive a bonus. It is enough money to allow you to live in luxury with all your bills paid for a long time. You wonder if you survive to make it back home to enjoy the money. You do not know how this will end, but you do know you are highly trained, and it is worth the risks you are about to take.


This airsoft game is a good one for large groups to play. Team A (hired guns) are split in pairs of two go out on the field to accomplish a series of missions while Team B (opposition), which are one large team attempts to stop the missions from being completed. After reading this description, would you rather play a different game? Here are more games to try.


Here's a video of an "Army of Two" scrimmage.


The mission props will be set up in advance. The number of props will depend on the number of players. Some of the props include the following:

Designate one structure as a safe house. There should be an odd number of missions. Conceal VIPs and hostages on field.


Always follow all field rules

  1. Once all missions are complete, the timing ref must be notified to stop the time.
  2. The mission prop must be returned to the safe house for full points.
  3. If one person on the team is shot, the other player can continue until his/her partner is healed.
  4. When both team members are shot then they are out of the game. They get to keep their mission count.
  5. One set of referees will verify each mission is complete and keep track of which team gets the points.


On the Field

With the Players


Hired guns objectives

Opposition’s objectives


Hired guns win by having the most missions completed

Opposition wins by having the most missions blocked



Though the army of one got a good amount of press, it is believed that two is better than one because there is twice as many eyes looking for the enemy, and you can watch each other’s back. There is a game for Xbox and PlayStation 3 by the name of Army of Two that uses coordinated teamwork. It also includes an artificial intelligent partner for someone who wants to play alone.

Authored by theairsoftguy
What can I say, airsoft is my passion. I've been playing for a number of years and wanted to share what I know to other players. I hope you enjoy what I write about.

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