Behind Enemy Lines

There it is, the drop point, just a few more minutes.

The previous mission to render the missile base inoperable failed and to complicate things two planes went down during the mission. They have made radio contact but had to conceal themselves and stopped contact. The outlook is not good, but before the enemy gains more ground your team's mission will need to be completed without any man left behind. The general’s coordinates are available but who knows if they are still in the same spot or even worse, the enemy captures them. They are ready to drop your squad behind enemy lines. When the mission is complete ground support will get you out. Completion of each part of the mission is necessary before heading back. There it is, the drop point, just a few more minutes. You breathe in the air of freedom one last time, holding it in and savoring it before you head over enemy lines and exhaling.


Behind Enemy lines is a great game for large teams because the mission contains several objectives that require planning and teamwork. Team A (allies) locates and rescues the two pilots that did not get back across the line. Team B (enemy) guards and protects the missile base and prevents the pilots from getting back to home territory. During the game, team members attempt to cross enemy lines to eliminate as many of the opposing team members as possible. After reading this description, would you rather play a different game? Here are more games to try.


Here's a video of "DesertFox Behind Enemy Lines" scrimmage. Run for your life!


Mark off territory-one side for enemy territory and the other side for allied territory and assign a structure to be the missile base and another as the prisoner camp on each side.

Before anyone gets on the field:


Follow all field rules.

  1. The pilots can defend themselves and move towards the missile base or allied territory
  2. The enemy may infiltrate allied territory
  3. Each team can determine how they will guard prisoners. Rescued prisoners must go to the sidelines with gun up. They can then re-enter the game from the sidelines at their own risk





Having control of the opposing missile base at the end of the game.



In the military, there are several reasons a serviceman might find himself in the enemy’s territory one is a crash. Sometimes it is because the enemy surrounded them and came up behind them. There are missions that include crossing over enemy lines to stop their missions, assassin key players, and gather intelligence.

Authored by theairsoftguy
What can I say, airsoft is my passion. I've been playing for a number of years and wanted to share what I know to other players. I hope you enjoy what I write about.

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