Black Hawk Down

There is a rescue planned to get the crew out, which would be easy, but there is a problem...

The mission is to capture the leaders under General Aidid failed due to the delay of the ground forces and the enemy shot down the Black Hawk. While the Black Hawks waited for rescue, they came under heavy attack resulting in many casualties. There is a rescue planned to get the crew out, which would be easy, but there is a problem... the helicopter is in enemy territory. The mission could end up with a high casualty count, but you wonder if your training is enough to avoid it? In the event that the mission is successful, will it end up a hollow victory because there are too many casualties? It is time to find out!


This game takes planning and teamwork as Team A (rescuers) works to execute the rescue or recovery and Team B (enemy) works to prevent the rescue. Each team will split into two to accomplish different tasks. After reading this description, would you rather play a different game? Here are more games to try.

Rescue Team’s Tasks:

Enemy Team’s Tasks:


Some airsoft fields have a dedicated Black Hawk down field with an actual helicopter, if this is not an option; dedicate a structure to as the “helicopter." Each team will need an outpost where they will meet, plan, and enter the field. Before the game starts, the casualties and pilots should be at the helicopter.


Always follow all field rules.

  1. Casualties-must not move during recovery, once recovered they may walk off field
  2. Pilots-may attempt to escape but cannot use force; it should not turn into a wrestling or boxing match. Pilots and leaders should be easy to identify
  3. Enemy-cannot shoot rescued casualties


Water and some high protein energy snacks.

On the Field

With The Teams


Rescue team’s

Enemy team’s


The enemy wins by capturing the pilots or preventing the rescue of the pilots

Rescuers win by rescuing the pilots and recovering casualties within the allotted time



October 3rd and 4th, 1993 by the US army fought the Battle of Mogadishu in Mogadishu, Somalia. Black Hawk Down is the most well-known name for this battle, but it is also referred to as the Day of the Rangers and as the First Battle of Mogadishu (the second was in 2006). Somali militia along with armed civilians shot down two Black Hawks during the battle. The rescue and recovery operations crewmembers ended up in an overnight standoff that resulted in 18 deaths and 80 wounded. The Somalis captured one pilot and held him hostage for almost two weeks. It was a hollow victory due to the casualties on both sides.

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