Capture The Flag

You have trained well, so you rush forward with enough confidence to push the fear aside.

Your team just raised your flag and as you look to the outer edge of the territory you see that there is another flag raised, but it is not someone from your country. Some of you will need to go out and remove the flag so that they know who is in control of the area and raise yours. You do not know how many are guarding it, but you know you have to do your best to overcome the opposition and replace that flag with your flag. Some members of your squad will stay behind to protect your post, but you are with a group that will be advancing towards the enemy flag. You have trained well, so you rush forward with enough confidence to push the fear aside.


Two teams have a post with their flag raised. The opposing team will enter their territory and do their best to get the other team’s flag down and raise their own. After reading this description, would you rather play a different game? Here are more games to try.


Each team has an outpost at opposite ends of the field where they will raise their flag.


Follow all field rules.

  1. Each team may shoot anyone who challenges his or her post.
  2. Once the opposing team is inside the post, the flag is given up, and the new flag raised.
  3. If a player is shot with a flag in hand and it is dropped, whoever picks it up will have the option of raising it.


Bring water and some high protein energy snacks.

On the Field

With the Teams



Capture the flag and successfully replace it with own flag.



The most well-known of all the airsoft games is Capture the Flag. The game originated as a tag game where team members froze or sent out of the game when tagged, or a flag was pulled (like with flag football). It is a simple game that is more challenging with a few changes. There are online versions of this game available. Before countries has more advanced ways to mark one's territory, simply raising a flag with a recognizable symbol that was used to signify who was in charge of a building, area, or span of land.

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