Will you and your squad get them before they commit any crimes?

A prisoner transport has been in an accident, and five prisoners are now on the run. They are dangerous and armed with the guards’ guns. They are also highly motivated to do whatever they need to stay out of prison. They got hold of the guard’s keys and removed their cuffs and shackles. The town is on high alert and counting on you and the other officials looking for them. Will you and your squad get them before they commit any crimes, assaults, or even worse... murder? Will you see the fugitives before they see you? You look carefully before advancing and then you take off running to the next area with cover.


This game is good for small or large groups of players. Team A (fugitive) is a small group, and they will try to reach a structure with a “hostage” on their way to a safe house without being captured. Team B (officials) will attempt to stop them and return them to prison. After reading this description, would you rather play a different game? Here are more games to try.


The escape point should be as far from safe houses as possible. Designate one or more buildings to be safe houses. Hide one or more unarmed players on the field to be hostages IF a fugitive finds one of them.


Always Follow all field rules.





Bring enough water and high protein energy snacks.

On the Field

With the Players





Fugitives win by reaching a safe house.

Officials win by capturing/shooting the most fugitives.



Jailbreaks and prison escapes cause people to be fugitives from the law to be free to continue committing crimes. There are those who are known to have committed crimes, but have never been captured who will become fugitives once identified. Police keep cold cases open, and the victims never stop advocating capture of the criminals. Citizens who know about fugitives are often instrumental in providing tips that lead to the apprehension of those who are hiding from the law and the consequences of their crimes.

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