King of The Hill

You check your ammo and your gun... you know you are ready, but you see your opponents closing in.

You are by yourself to defend the ammo stockpile on the hill. You look around and see the enemy is still closing in. You cannot lose control of the hill and have the ammo ending up in the enemy’s hands and shooting you, your unit, or your allies. You check your ammo and your gun... you know you are ready, but you see your opponents closing in. You look around at your squad and everyone is ready to take aim. You nod and each one nods back, guns up, take a breath, and choose a target... it is time to protect what is yours.


Team A (defenders) have control of the hill and Team B (attackers) one tries to take it. The ownership can go back and forth depending how long the game is. After reading this description, would you rather play a different game? Here are more games to try.


A hill or structure is chosen to be the “hill”. The defenders go to the hill with some on top (or center) and others assigned to the perimeter. The attackers wait at an outpost until signaled to attack. At the first signal, the attackers head towards the hill and at the second signal shooting may begin.


Follow all field rules. The defenders and attackers must wait until the second signal to begin shooting to allow defenders to take cover. Once signaled, the person leaves the area.


Bring water and some high protein energy snacks.

On the Field:

With the Teams


Regain or maintain control of the hill




Have control of the hill when the game ends. The team that has the most shooters on the hill determines who is in control.



During a war, territory is important and if a hill, building, or any other location has ammo, provisions, animals, or anything else of value, the desire for it increases because it can make the difference between winning and loosing. It is also a child’s game where one child tries to push another child off the hill to show dominance.

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