Last Player Standing

All you know right now is that you have your cover in sight and hope no one reaches it before you when the horn sounds.

Being stranded the past several weeks has caused unrest, the group has been clamoring for a leader, and several of you want to be a leader. Some are cruel and selfish; others have the potential to do a good job. You know you will be a fair and compassionate leader, but you will need to fight to get the position. Several of you will be released on the field, and the last one standing will be the new leader. Will you prove yourself worthy by setting aside personal relationships for the good of the group? Will you be able to shoot your opponents when the time comes? All you know right now is that you have your cover in sight and hope no one reaches it before you when the horn sounds.


Any size group can play this simple and fun game. Everyone gets some time to reach cover before the shooting begins. This game is challenging and allows experienced players to use all their skills because not only must each player hunt and eliminate opponents with no help from teammates, each player must be alert to avoid being shot and eliminated from the game. After reading this description, would you rather play a different game? Here are more games to try.


Here's a video of a "Last Player Standing" scrimmage.


All the players must spread out around the perimeter of the field. The referee will need to separate any clumps of players.


Follow all field rules.

  1. At the sound of the first horn, everyone finds cover.
  2. Shooting is not allowed between the first and second horn.
  3. At the sounding of the second horn, shooting begins.


Water and some high protein energy snacks.

On the Field

With The Players



Be the last player standing.



There are situations in battle when a soldier is on his or her own. At that point, survival is everything, and the enemy is eliminated because anyone surviving creates a risk. There are games like the Hunger Games that tap into that survival instinct. Criminals often kill all witnesses and even those who committed the crime with them because survivors may turn on them in the future, and that could mean that they get charged with a crime and end up in jail.

Authored by theairsoftguy
What can I say, airsoft is my passion. I've been playing for a number of years and wanted to share what I know to other players. I hope you enjoy what I write about.

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