Manhunt Airsoft Game

one... two... a deep breath... and three! You run as fast as you can.

You are confident and hidden well, but you know you are breathing loud as you try to catch your breath. The escape from the prison camp was daring, and you had hoped to be free a little longer before you they noticed your absence, but the escape alert just screamed out into the darkness. It is better to keep moving while looking for a better hiding spot. You believe you can make it to the building ahead of you before they see, but will you? Your body aches, but you are going to go. You count to yourself... one... two... a deep breath... and three! You run as fast as you can.


A small group or just a few people can play this game. A prisoner escapes and gets a head start and then everyone hunts for him. With larger groups, there can be two separate teams and two or more prisoners being hunted. After reading this description, would you rather play a different game? Here are more games to try.


Designate one or more structures as safe houses. Choose structures as far as possible from the escape point. The field will need to be equipped with ample cover for prisoners to make his/her way to a safe house.


Follow all field rules.

  1. The hunted can move from one area of concealment to another, but there is a risk of being shot.
  2. The hunters should not be able to see where the prisoner hides when he get his head start


Water and some high protein energy snacks.

On the Field

With the players


Hunters - shoot the escaped prisoner before he or she reaches the safe house.

Prisoners - arrive at the safe house without being shot.


Hunters win by stopping the prisoner from reaching the safe house.

Escapee wins by reaching the safe house.



Throughout history, those confined desire to be free. It happens in jail and on the battlefield. When the desire to be free outweighs the risks, then captive will start to plan a breakout. In the case of military prisoners, remaining captured can lead to torture or death so they may be even more motivated to escape. No one likes their prisoners to escape so it will always lead to a manhunt. Those who may help an escape could end up tortured or killed so often the prisoner does not get any help.

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