Prison Escape

The siren is blaring, and it means only one thing... an escape.

The siren is blaring, and it means only one thing... an escape. You want to remain on your break, but you know you cannot, you grab your gun and head towards the yard. You find out the prisoner is armed. Your eyes dart back and forth in the darkness as you strain to see if there is any movement. Your fellow guards are checking to see exactly how many have escaped and securing the facility to prevent even more prisoners escaping. You see a branch move, but you cannot shoot until you see who is there. Will one of the other escaped prisoners attack if you move forward alone? Should you wait for backup? You radio for backup and aim your gun waiting for his next move.


A small or large group can play this game. Team A (the guards) must find and capture prisoners. Skilled shooting is helpful to get the prisoners back alive. Team B (prisoners) do their best to remain free and reach the safe house. After reading this description, would you rather play a different game? Here are more games to try.


A designated building at one end of the field is the prison where the armed prisoners escape and at the opposite end is the safe house.


Follow all field rules.

  1. The prisoners start in the prison and have a few second lead to “escape” from jail before the guards start looking for them
  2. When the siren is heard the escaped prisoners can enter the far 2/3 of the field
  3. Once any player is shot on any limb the player is considered captured
  4. Shot prisoners will be returned to jail
  5. Shot guards will be taken to the safe house
  6. Prisoners and guards can help teammates escape
  7. If a player is escaping from the prison, (second time) or the safe house, torso shots can be used to eliminate escapee from game


Always bring water and some high protein energy snacks.

One the Field

With the Teams


Aid teammates in escape.




Prisoners - Having the most team members in the safe house with bonus points for guards

Guards - Have the most teammates free with bonus points for prisoners in jail



Though most prisoners will do their time without incident, there are always those who cannot stand confinement. This is especially true of the most violent of criminals because they do not feel like they have anything to loose. When the desire for freedom is stronger than the fear of capture, prisoners will take great risks to be free again. Those who do not succeed face extended sentences, risk of injury, and even death.

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