Conquering the world occurs one continent at a time.

Conquering the world occurs one continent at a time. You and your army are ready to fight. You do not know if you are really prepared for every mission request until you get out there and begin the mission. You will need to invade neighboring continents before opposing armies arrive, or you will need to take the continent forcibly from them. This is your first time out and will need to rely on the experience of those who have survived previous attempts. You can feel that the mission will be successful, and you are excited to part of it.


This game works well with large groups and is easy enough for most levels of play. Two or more teams will attempt to capture as many continents as possible during the allotted time. After the invasion of one continent, the next closest one must be acquired. Some of the army members must remain at continents that have been invaded to protect the acquired territory while others will advance to gain control of new ones. After reading this description, would you rather play a different game? Here are more games to try.


Designate six bases (one for each continent) and equip each with a unique flag. Which continents are adjacent to each other should be clear. Each team will start at opposite ends of the field equal distance from the continent bases.


Follow all field rules.

  1. After a continent is acquired, part of the army must stay to protect and defend.
  2. Occupied continents can be attacked, and the victor gains or maintains possession.


Bring some high protein energy snacks and plenty of Water.

On the Field

With the Players



Have the most continents at the end of the game.



Control of territory is essential in growth and domination. Before there were clear-cut boundaries between countries, territory was acquired by force and then protected by the same means. Resources, location, climate, and power all are motivation to take control of an area that does not belong to anyone or to attack and acquire territory that belongs to someone else. Military training was necessary to be successful.

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