You look to your right and to your left, you know everyone is ready. With heart pounding, you advance.

The Spartans are known for their skills as warriors. They are strong and ruthless yet you and your fellow Thebans are about to challenge them to free their Messenia slaves. Your general seems confident and driven by a desire to do what is right. You are ready to fight alongside your general. You know the Spartans have had their way long enough... now it is time for the change you prepared for. You look to your right and to your left, you know everyone is ready. With heart pounding, you advance.


A variety of group sizes can play this game. Team A (Thebans) will attempt to eliminate Team B (Spartans) to gain control of the holding building where the Team C (Messenian Helot slaves) is held. Once slaves are free, they can fight with the Thebans. After reading this description, would you rather play a different game? Here are more games to try.


Choose a strategically placed structure so that the Spartans can protect it and takeover will challenge the Thebans. The Spartans will get on the field first, positioning themselves to protect the holding house. Position Thebans at the edge of the field ready to advance at the sound of the horn.


Follow all field rules.


  1. Get into position to defend the holding house at the sound of the first horn.
  2. Remain in position until the second horn sounds.


  1. Wait at edge of the field until second horn sounds.


  1. Wait for rescue.
  2. Fight alongside the others if rescued.


Water and some high protein energy snacks

On the Field

With the Players





Have possession of the slave house when the game time is up.



The Spartans were a highly skilled warrior society where male children leave home for training as soldiers at age 7. They focused on loyalty to the state, courage, endurance, and self-control. They treated their slaves brutally and inhumanely. It was acceptable to kill any that showed too much strength or intelligence. The Spartans crew were defeated in the Battle of Leuctra by the Theban and within a year, they invaded Sparta. The Spartan society never returned to their former power though they continued to exist.

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