You and your fellow guards must protect her from abduction even if it means your life.

You have found out your queen has been stalked by a neighboring tribe. She noticed she was being followed on several occasions, and there have been many leaks of her activities. You and your fellow guards must protect her from abduction even if it means your life. Here she comes ready to go to the square to speak. You straighten your back, push back your shoulders, and nod without smiling. Your stance communicates that you understand this is a serious responsibility, and you look helps her feel safe. The procession starts to move.


Any team size can play this game. The ability to be concealed or flush out concealed players are necessary. Team A (guards) will have a queen and protect her from abduction while she travels from her hut to the village square. Team B (stalkers) follow her and wait for an opportune time to take out the guards and capture the queen. After reading this description, would you rather play a different game? Here are more games to try.



Follow all rules of the field

  1. The queen must never be shot, but captured alive. Once a stalker is close enough to remove one of the flags from the queen, she then becomes a prisoner.
  2. The queen should wear a crown.
  3. The queen is unarmed and is captured after the elimination of the gardens.


The field will need a large area with good cover for the stalkers. The queen will need a quick release flag belt with two flags like in flag football.





Guards win by getting the queen to the village square.

Stalkers win by capturing the queen or preventing her from making it to the village square.



Stalkers are people who follow other people. In common situations it may be out of admiration or an unhealthy obsession. It can also be used to find an opportune time to cause harm or to kidnap. Since childhood, people want what other people have. It starts with babies on the floor and the desire continues into adulthood. When a group feels threatened by another group or if the group has the resources that they want, they will watch and stalk the person in charge and then go after that person to capture or kill so they can have control of the people and their resources. In some cases, stalkers may target more than one leader.

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