Turf Wars

You hear something... you scan the area... there is a movement behind the tree.

Leaked secret oil well locations allowed a small rebel acquisition group to gain control of some of them. They are extorting money with the sale of the oil. Word got to you and now you must protect your turf. Do you and your crew know enough to keep control of the oil wells? You know an elite team is on its way to take your oil well. You hear something... you scan the area... there is a movement behind the tree. You signal your fellow guards, you get ready, aim, and wait for them to move forward.


Large or small groups can play this game. Team A (oil crew) will protect the oil wells and Team B (rebels) will attempt to take over as many oil wells as possible. Each oil well will have the flag of the team that has possession of it. After reading this description, would you rather play a different game? Here are more games to try.


Each team will get a set of flags. The oil crew will go out to the field to post their flags at structures that will represent an oil well station. For safety, each station will be equipped a pole for the flag. The oil crew will split the team equally between the structures. The rebels can enter from any place on the sidelines.


Follow all field rules.


Water and some high protein energy snacks

On the Field

With the Teams


Raise flag and protect flags on oil wells.

Oil crew’s



Have control of the most number of oil well stations.



Everyone has an inner desire to dominate and control with an insatiable need for more. Most keep it under control, but for those individuals and groups that do not, they are always looking to acquire more "turf." It can be street gangs, mafias, outlaw motorcycle clubs, drug lords, or even large businesses. The more at stake, the more these groups will fight and the more risks they are willing take.

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