Zombie Outbreak

You are part of an elite team hired to learn what is happening at the center and prevent a zombie invasion.

It had been hours since the distress call from the secret research facility and still no response after repeated attempts to make contact. The remote site is where a prominent pharmaceutical company test zombies to research a cure. You are part of an elite team hired to learn what is happening at the center and prevent a zombie invasion. You are almost at your destination; your heart is pounding, and you are hoping your training and briefing on zombies is enough to save you from becoming one of them. As you head in you see the zombies have breached the security wall. They expect you and your team to bring in the zombies alive; you have to do your best and protect research advances. The responsibility falls on the investigation team to accomplish this task to prevent an invasion of zombies and recover research data. In minutes, you will be face to face with them... enough to time to pray they do not get past you and your team.


Two teams with accurate shooting skills are necessary to dominate this game. Team A (zombies) will try to make it to the edge of the field and “bite” Team B (investigation team) while they attempt to gain control of the testing facility, the zombies, and data. After reading this description, would you rather play a different game? Here are more games to try.


Here's a video of a "Zombie Survival" game. It's a little slow at the beginning but gets exciting at 1:40 seconds.


Dedicate several building for the testing facility and hide "data" in one. The zombies will start the game at these structures. Zombies will have an additional red armband that they give up for “blood draw." Refs will need extra zombie armbands to put on bitten Investigation team members and assign a zombie containment building.


Follow all field rules.

Kill rules:

Capture rules:

Bite rules:

Blood sample rules:


Bring water and some high protein energy snacks.

On the Field

With The Teams


Investigation Team:

Zombie Team:


Investigation Team - capturing all opponents or highest points

Zombies - bite all opponents or highest points

If not all opponents are eliminated within the time limits of the game then the team with the most points wins. Each team member is one point.

Additional points



Zombies originated in Haitian folklore and were terms given to animated corpses and that they thought the use of witchcraft raised them from the dead. There are descriptions of the dead coming to life in the Bible, but they return to their former selves unlike zombies that are in a trance-like state. Some people believe that mental illness or drugs induce the state. People look like they are dead. Those who regain consciousness when the drug wears off come out of their graves, and it appears as though they come back to life. Currently, the term zombie describes diseased humans that a comeback to life to feed on human flesh, especially human brains.

Authored by theairsoftguy
What can I say, airsoft is my passion. I've been playing for a number of years and wanted to share what I know to other players. I hope you enjoy what I write about.

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