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gear that make your experience on the field just better.

Your airsoft gun will probably be your first purchase when you get tired of rentals, but it is only the beginning because you'll want other types of gear. If you think after you get all your gear that you won't need to buy more, you would be wrong. Experience players will buy gear to replace or upgrade their current equipment and more likely you will do the same. When it comes down to what gear you need, there are the basics that every player should have. Then there is gear that would make your experience on the field just better.

Keep in mind, we all want to find cheap gear but when it comes to your safety gear - masks, gloves, barrel plug - you should find quality stuff and you shouldn?t be cheap about it. It can be the difference between leaving the field injured or uninjured.

Getting Down To The Basics

When we talk about the basic gear that you need, the mask will always be the first think we think about to buy because wearing a used mask SUCKS! We might be tempted to shoot right to buying a cheap or used mask but think about it knowing that your face is the only face that your mask has met, it feels GOOD. Our masks will be attached to our face in every game. Plus it is the most important part of our gear because it protects our money makers. Enough about our mask, time talk about other basic types of gear that we will use.

When we first begin, talk to your fellow airsoft players and find out what type of gear they recommend. If we feel uncomfortable talking to others, just look at the types of gear other players have and think about why they bought that gear and how it can help you. Then you can research the prices online and find the best gear at the best price.

Now For The Fun Stuff, Beyond The Basics

Even if we are not like the others who need the latest and best gear available, we can still find some gear that we want to buy to just make the game more exciting, easier to transport our gear, extra safety, or increases our chances of winning the game. Whatever your reason is the following is some of the gear we might want to get.

Sometimes extra and unnecessary gear just complicates transporting to field. If possible, we will try out someone else?s gear to see if we really want it and would use it.

It Is Not The End... Get More!

Tactical Gear

Most airsoft players will dress in military BDU (battle dress uniforms) or clothing designed for hunters. Depending on the setting, the camo clothing will help conceal you during games and as needed during re-enactments. Military surplus stores and second hand stores are great resources. Yard sales near a local military base are another option for building your airsoft wardrobe.


Goggles are a very important part of airsoft tactical gear. You can have goggles that just cover your eyes or ones that provide face protection as well. You will want to choose goggles that meet or exceed all American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.



Holsters will allow your gun to be easily accessible. A holster will also make it more convenient to carry more than one.



Wearing a vest can provide protection and storage. Just wearing the vest provides an extra layer of protection from airsoft hits. Mainly vests are designed to provide a practical way to carry equipment, supplies, ammo, first aid supplies, and even sustenance on the field (purses failed when tested and even females found them inefficient).


When purchasing an airsoft vest, check the construction of it. Check for reinforced mesh on the vest. It should be lightweight, remember you will be adding weight as you fill the pouches. A warranty is to good have. A company that stands behind their product probably has a well constructed product. Check that the vest has ample storage for ammunition, gas canisters, maps, and anything else you want to carry.

When choosing what to wear, think protection! Thicker material will provide better protection. Denim works well if you choose not to go with camo clothing. Separate pants and jackets are most commonly worn. Caps, gloves, and boots will provide added protection.

Protective Gear

It is a category of wearable safety equipment, in particular, sports equipment, that protects various human body parts from injury in situations, such as an airsoft skirmish. Protective gear includes a facemask and body area pads for elbows and knees etc.

The terms "protective gear" and "protective clothing" are in many cases interchangeable, with the term "protective clothing" used when applied to traditional categories of clothing, while "gear" is a more general term and preferably applied to uniquely protective categories, such as pads, guards, shields, masks, etc.

Time For The End... But Wait There Could Be More.

It is time for the end of our talk about gear... or is it? When it comes down to gear for safety or just for fun we will want to get stuff that works and last long. Just a reminder, gear that is expensive doesn't mean it will last long or even works. We need to do the research about the gear and not just focus on the price. Is it the end? kind of, but there is so much more you can check out and learn further down on this page or on the other pages though out our website. I hope you enjoyed reading this and good luck on kicking some but in getting your gear.

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