5 Steps To Being Ready To Purchase An Airsoft Claymore

Players who want to understand about airsoft claymore need to do two things:

First, they should become familiar with the airsoft claymore to get the results they prefer.

Second, they need to purchase one.

But you might be wondering:

“How do I find information about the airsoft claymore which isn’t just sales copy that is trying to get me to buy one”

You’re in luck today I’m going to make it easy for you.

All you will need to do is take a few minutes of your day and read the information below.

Are you ready?

Let’s do this.

1. What is this landmine styled device

It is a tiny device that can shoot hundreds of pellets, a bag of powder, or a number of paintballs once it’s triggered.

It can be spring powered or air powered and triggered with a trip wire or remote.

Some of the more sophisticated claymores and remotes will be programmable so that all mines will go off at the same time from a single remote or at different times with different remotes set at different frequencies.

The more frequencies that a mine has available, the more versatile the claymore will be.

Now why would you want a device like this? You would obviously use it to eliminate the opposing players on the other team.

Here's the deal: the main reason for using this landmine styled device is for the realism. It adds additional challenges to the games and ideal for military training.

Another device that adds to the realism is the airsoft grenade.

2. Prepping it before use on the field

If you try to use an airsoft claymore before loading it, you'll be highly disappointed.

Like stated before this device can be loaded with powder if that's the case make sure to use unscented so the smell doesn'’'t give the location away.

Mini-Tip: Always make sure the device has new batteries.

Practice make perfect… You've heard the saying before! It's true.

Practice a few times setting up the landmine to get familiar with how it works.

Trip wire or remote to detonation? The answer to this question will determine the placement of the device. During setup consider the detonation type before placing it in its spot.

You might be wondering: How are airsoft claymore effective?

While you’re setting it up, think through the direction of spray.

These devices work best in doorways, entryways, hallways and on paths.

Several strategically placed claymores will assure good coverage.

4. The BEST but Usually Unseen Part… Detonation

If the detonation is trip wire you usually won’t see it; however, the remote detonation requires you to see it for the perfect timing.

The detonation can be filled with excitement. You might not see it but after the game you will hear about the success or failure of your claymore.

If powder or paintballs were used, you might even see the after effect.

The greatest part claymores add realistic touch to game play, especially military scenarios and provide an added challenge for both teams.

Seeing or not seeing the detonation doesn’t really matter what does matter is they improvements it makes to the airsoft game.

5. The birth… Origins of airsoft claymores

The military claymore can shoot metal balls in a 60-degree arc, out almost 330ft. normally, remotely controlled and powered by explosives.

Now: most people know the airsoft claymore is based off the military ones that shoot metal ball into the kill zone; nevertheless, do you know the inventor?

The inventor, Norman A. MacLead, named the device after a Scottish sword.

Escort was among the first manufacturers to branch out and make devices like the airsoft claymore landmine.

Saying Good Bye, My Friend!

I promised myself… I wouldn’t cry! I must say good day to you and wish you luck on purchasing an airsoft claymore.

Wait… Wait… Before I go leaving without a recommendation on were to purchase you claymore would be just plain rude. Check out the Airsoft M18A1 Claymore Mine.

Now: I will say good bye and good luck.

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