Your Guide to Airsoft Gloves

Airsoft gloves come in a variety of types and styles, and can make your game experience more comfortable and less annoying. They can protect your hands from the weather by helping to keep them dry in wet weather, warm in the winter, and cooler in the summer. They can also prevent injury. If you’re interested in buying a pair either online like or local shops will have different styles of gloves to select from. When choosing your gloves, buy ones that are durable, fit well, and wouldn’t interfere with your shooting.

Protecting Your Hands

Airsoft gloves are used as protection, for safety, and also possible improve on shooting. When playing indoors, gloves can protect from abrasions. In outdoor games, durable gloves can protect the hands from punctures, scrapes, scratches, and other abrasions. Out on the field there may not be time to disinfect a wound, so it is best to avoid them in the first place, especially serious ones like MRSA.

Getting hit with an airsoft pellet usually isn’t that painful but at close range it can hurt and leave a bruise; covering exposed skin can prevent that from occurring. Keeping a firm grip on the gun will aid in accurately hitting your opponent. With the right gloves, you can be assured that you keep a firm grip on your gun and protect your hands. You may find that you will need a couple different types of gloves in your gear bag.

4 Glove Styles

You have options when finding the style of gloves to wear. Choosing the right style of gloves is a combination of finding the right ones to meet your personal needs and preferences. The following are the 4 types of glove Styles:

  1. Full Finger - maximum protection for hands
  2. Half Finger - leaves fingers free to shoot, protects hands
  3. Combination - trigger fingers open, other fingers protected
  4. Fingerless - fingers exposed, knuckles and hand protected

A number of gloves have reinforced areas, shields, gel pads, and more for added protection. Straps, buckles, and Velcro assure they won’t fall off during play or competition. Ventilation and breathable fabric will be important in in the summer and during hot games to prevent sweating and slipping. Once you choose the best gloves, you will want to make sure they fit properly.

How to Properly Fit Gloves

Proper fit is important when choosing gloves to buy. You can try them on when you go to a store that sells airsoft gear, but you won’t be able to while buying online. Fit is important so that the gloves don’t interfere with accuracy or cause irritation. To get the right fit you will need to know the following:

The gloves may need to be broken in a little, but if they are too stiff or tight, they may not break in enough to become comfortable and allow for normal use.

Gloves that are durable and fit your hand correctly will be well worth the cost and time because when you’re sliding behind a bunker and planting your hand you’ll know your gloves will hold or while you have the enemy in your crosshairs you know your gloves give you a firm grip on your gun.

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