Airsoft Grenades

defending your base or eliminating the other team during an attack

The addition of airsoft grenades in games generates a more realistic atmosphere. When the option of just shooting pellets from your gun has become too boring, using replicas of bombs, mines, and grenades can increase the excitement. In this article, we will be focusing on the grenades, which can be used for defending your base or eliminating the other team during an attack consequently, increasing the roles that a grenade can be used for.

We all know the use of lethal weapons is prohibited in airsoft games. One of the most common reasons for these games is allowing you to simulate military events without endangering yourself. Grenades, launchers, flash and smoke grenades are free from any explosions, which prevents any dangers.

Making Homemade Airsoft Grenades

Making a homemade airsoft grenades can be fun and save some money seeing that ones available at retail stores are costly. Even though there are a number of grenade variants and designs that are available to purchase, but you can simply make one at home by simply buying a few items online.

Your easiest option in creating a homemade grenade is by using a paper towel, snap clappers (fireworks), and items that can be found around your house.



In order to trigger this grenade, you simply throw it to the ground. After it pops, it should make the pellets fly and it you opponent. Check out 9 Other Ways to Make an Airsoft Grenade on wikiHow.

Smoke Grenades

These are also extensively used in games. The component of surprise can be used to run over the opponents with much ease. Allowing you to attack, withdraw from an attack, or conceal movement.

Flash Bangs

Flash bangs may be used as well since these gadgets (The 25 Craziest Airsoft gadgets) produce shiny lights and loud sounds which are quite useful in distracting the opponents and create chaos among them.


The development of different materials has now led to the manufacturing of higher quality airsoft grenades that are made from rocket starburst shell cases. The smoke grenades have also been modified to reduce the emission of poisonous smoke, which we would all agree to be a good thing. These upgrades and improvements have made the experience of using such gear a more exhilarating and action filled.

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