Don’t Buy Airsoft Pellets Until You Read This

What would an airsoft gun be without the pellets? It would be a fancy paper weight to place on your desk.

If you want more than a paper weight, you’ll need to buy ammo (aka plastic pellets or BBs) for it. Beginning with the fundamentals, an airsoft pellet is a round plastic sphere that ranges in weight, which is between 0.12 to 0.80 grams and the size range, which is between 6 to 8mm in thickness. The most common size is 6mm because in general this size is the most efficient and accurate to shoot. They also come in different colors which are yellow, white, blue, green, red, and orange; with the most common color being white.

Types: You Got Options

Tired of the boring conventional white rounded pellets with no personality? Do you want some excitement! You’re in luck. Below are 5 options that bring the excitement back to airsoft pellets.

  1. Biodegradable Pellets - common question, “Are airsoft pellets biodegradable?” not all of them are biodegradable but most outdoor fields are required to use this type. These pellets are being produced by high quality manufactures with the same features as the best conventional pellets.
  2. Tracer Pellets - for night games, tracer pellets are perfect. They basically glow in the dark allowing you to see the projection path in the darkness. The tracer provides better accuracy at night.
  3. Airfin Pellets - the Airfin pellets were released in September 2006 for the 2nd generation RAP4 airsoft guns.
  4. Blade Pellets - the most expensive and rare type of pellet is the Blade Pellet, which was engineered to decrease the drag and increase the range and accuracy. In Japan, it was developed for the extinct M700 and M40 rifles.
  5. Paint Pellets - another type is the paint filled pellets. They are not very recommended because they regularly jam the gun after a few clips. They normally break on the hop up.

In-depth View on The Weights



Selecting the Best Pellets For You

High-Quality Pellets

The higher class pellets tend to be manufactured to perfection. Various high-end pellets are covered with low-abrasive materials to provide a high polish. This class normally has higher accuracy and range. If you are looking for the best pellets around, you will want to buy from the Elite brand. Most players have flawless experiences with this brand. They are top of the line when referring to pellets.

What about The Cheap Pellets?

The cheap pellets are lower quality and can disrupt the accuracy and range. The most common weight for lower grade pellets is 0.12 grams. Most of the time, they shoot at higher velocity; however, the accuracy is low. The lower grade pellets tend to have pockmarks; not perfectly round; unaligned air pockets; and nipples or seams.

What's Next

You should be ready to buy airsoft pellets that fit your needs. Now, no longer will your airsoft gun be a fancy paper weight.

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