6 Ways to Quickly Improve Shooting Your Airsoft Gun

Players always say that the key to shooting well is to be the first one on the range and the last one off.

If you watched American Sniper and you want to be deadly when you hit the airsoft field, you have to be diligent and improve your craft.

Players always say that the key to shooting well is to be the first one on the range and the last one off. That mentality carries over into airsoft as well, and only dedication and practice will get you to where you want to be.

Here's the deal: These tips will help you learn how to quickly improve your aim shooting airsoft guns.

1. Don't be a Cowboy

You're not a cowboy and this isn't the O.K. Corral. Never shoot from the hip. Bring the gun up and get your sights lined up before you fire.

Remember that one accurate shot is better than a field of fire. A lot of players will just squeeze off as many as they can, but you're always better off to slow down and concentrate on that one flawless shot.

Work quickly, but not too quickly.

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2. Use the Stock

It's tempting to ignore the stock because you're not dealing with the kick of a regular firearm unless you're using a GBB.

Don't give in: The stock helps you sight in and stay steady for follow-up shots, and you must use it.

3. Shoot with Your Dominant Hand

Your dominant hand is better for both shooting and cocking a spring-driven gun, and you may be tempted to shoot with your off hand so that you can cock quickly. Never do this.

Your aim is always better with your dominant hand, and you should practice cocking with your off hand until you master it so that each shot can be as accurate as possible.

You might be wondering: this one is for snipers and players using a spring powered gun.

4. Control Your Mind and Body

Shooting well requires the right mindset and the right physical control. You'll never hit anything if you panic. Instead, do this:

Players often begin shooting frantically and quickly whenever they see an opponent, but you're far better off to be as stoic and mechanical as possible. Trust your muscle memory and shoot well consistently.

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5. Stay Comfortable

Your clothing has a lot to do with your accuracy. You must have comfortable clothing that moves easily.

Now: If your jacket is too tight and it hampers your freedom of movement, it's going to draw every shot off course.

It's also important to wear clothing that keeps you the appropriate temperature. If you're shivering, your shaking hands are going to throw off your shots; if you're sweating, you won't be able to hold the gun firmly enough to line the sights up perfectly.

Dress for your environment and you'll both enjoy the battle more and shoot more accurately.

6. Learn the Distances

One of the biggest issues people have in airsoft is simply misjudging distances. You need to be able to eyeball a shot and know how far it is before you even acquire your target. This way, you can figure out how far the shot will drop and adjust accordingly.

Bottom Line: The best way to get comfortable with distances is to practice with multiple targets.

You're not going to have all 15-foot shots in a match, so don't stick to target practice at only 15 feet. Work on shooting at 10 feet and 25 feet, as well, and you'll learn how different those shots can be.

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Above all else, practice constantly. The more rounds you put downrange, the better you'll be instinctively when taking a shot during an airsoft game.

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