My Guide in Forming an Airsoft Team

Friendship. Teamwork. Leadership.

After I realized that airsoft is awesome (it didn’t take me long), I wanted to form my own team. But I wasn’t sure were to start or if joining someone elses team would be better. So I thought long and hard, I wanted to join an existing team so I can understand how it works. I knew I wasn’t ready to lead my own team yet. My reason for forming an airsoft team was to be able to play on regular bases, build friendships, leadership skills and eventually be competitive in airsoft games/events.

So... back to my decision on joining someone else’s team. I wasn’t very good at the beginning (I would recommend reading The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Airsoft if your new to the game). The main reason was I didn’t have the skills or the teamwork experience. I spent most of my time observing my teammates, watching their tendencies that I can duplicate and improve with my style. Like with most teams, each player has different strong points and I know if I’m patient, willing to practice, and observe. I can learn from them.

Side note: If I decided to not join another team and start a new one, I would have still watched other airsoft teams to see how they worked. While watching, I would take notes than think of ways to improve on what I saw. I would even go to their tryouts and not tryout to see how they evaluate possible teammates.

Two Reasons: Why I think Teams are formed

After being on someone else’s team for a while, I decided to form my own team. The good part is that seeing that I’ve been playing for a while now, I’ve formed friendships with people I trust. While watching other players, I noticed there two reasons why teams are formed. One reason and it seemed pretty common, players who just enjoy playing together. I noticed with this type of team, Dependability is important, but if someone can’t make it, usually it won’t interfere with the games because they just play without that player. Another reason people form a team is to be competitive. This type of team requires their teammates to be dependable and dedicated for scrimmages and practice.

I wanted the dedicated and dependable team. I wanted us to compete and win.

All-Star Players Vs. Team Players

Okay! I knew what kind of team I wanted so now I needed to think about the positions for each to fill with players I trusted. I didn’t just want all-star players. If the all-star player was selfish and wasn’t a team player, I wouldn’t choose him/her. I wanted good players who would work as a team. I was searching for a team who can perform task efficiently, communicate clearly, and follow their team orders.

“All-star players are not always the best player for a team.”

Next Up – Team Positions

After a while of observing friends and other players, I started noticing people who fit in my team positions. At this point, the only position filled is Team Captain (me) so I have some work to do. Whenever I heard other players talk about how good they are, I thought, “Actions speak louder than words.” I wouldn’t just take their word. I watched them to understand how they interacted with other players on the field. It amazes me how bad a player is but thinks they are hot shit.

Let’s talk about the different positions on my team:

Got my team positions in my mind now to figure out who will fit (Test The Members' Abilities Online).

What About A Bad Team Member?

“If a member is bad, it can bring down other members”

I’ve taken my time to know and observe my potential team member. I have positions that I need to fill. Knowing that most players can make a good first impression, I’m going to have a probation period so if the new player doesn’t jell with the current players, misses a lot of practices, or they are always late. They are off the team no warnings at this point. This will make them have to prove themselves and help me weed out the unfit players. I will keep good records. If a player is denied being on my team, it will be easy to explain why.

Final Touches on the Team

After many practices and tryouts, it wasn’t easy but eventually I found my dream team. They key was to put the time in before even picking out the players for my team. Another thing that helps was knowing what I wanted and not wanted from my team members and communicating it to them. We all have our positions/roles to fill and every position matters. I don’t take any of my teammate for granted.

One last thing, forming an airsoft team isn’t easy. It takes dedication, understanding what you want. I also recommend to - Remember to choose your team members carefully.

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